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Lotus 118 (2003)

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Intorno allo shopping
Shopping Environs

David Smiley
Shopping mall: storia dell’idea vincente
History of the Victor: Constructing Shopping

Warren Techentin
Shopping mall: storia di un malessere
Retail Mallaise: Resuscitating Dead Malls

Dead Malls Competitions
Dutchess Mall; Pell Mall; Slim Fit Mall;
Nu’burban Mall; Four Economies

William H.White
L’idea della strada sensoriale
The Idea of the Sensory Street

Paolo Rosselli
Street Photography

Future Systems
Comme des Garçons (New York, Paris)
Marni (Milano, Londra, New York)

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu
Xishu Bookstore (Beijing, China)

Jee-Hee Haar Farris, Elisabeth Keslacy
Bizzarri Bazaar, vie vorticose: shopping nel centro di Los Angeles
Bizzarre Bazaars, Animate Alleys: shopping in downtown Los Angeles

Christoph Grunenberg
Il paese delle meraviglie: lo spettacolo dell’esposizione dal Bon Marché alla Bauhaus
Wonderland: Spectacles of Display from the Bon Marché to the Bauhaus

“me”(Tokyo), “Pleats Please”(Parigi, Tokyo)

Frank O.Gehry, Gordon Kipping
Issey Miyake (New York)

Waro Kishi + K.Associates/Architects
Via Bus Stop
(Osaka, Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka)

Richard Gluckman
Helmut Lang (New York, Tokyo)

Paolo Rosselli
Looking at Prada

Herzog & de Meuron
Prada Store (Tokyo, New York)

Prada Store (San Francisco, New York)