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New Settlements in China

Lotus 141 (2010)

After the boom years in which China was seen as a place of very rapid and chaotic development symbolized by great and violent transformations—and the big Western players flaunted the symbols of a new and spectacular architecture—we can now look at China in a more mindful way. Following the Olympics in 2008, architectural and urbanistic development in China is displaying more complex expressions and a remarkable and surprisingly high quality of input from Chinese architects, intent, in the best of cases, on seeking a greater suitability of interventions with respect to the rich context of this great country.

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Miao Xiaochun

Claudio Greco, Carlo Santoro
2(0),1,0... CHINA!



Amateur Architecture Studio
Xiangshan Campus, China Academy of Art, Xiangshan, Zhuangtang, Hangzhou, 2001-07

Ai Weiwei/Fake Design
Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Caochangdi, Beijing, 2006-07

Atelier Deshaus
Xiayu Kindergarten, Qingpu New Town, Shanghai, 2004-09

AZL Architects
Three-Courtyard Community Center,Yangzhou, 2009
Concrete Slit House, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 2007

Suzhou An Club, Suzhou, 2008

WM Space
Greenlink Forniture Exhibition Hall, Majuqiao, Tongzhou, Beijing, 2006

Liu Jiakun
Gemheart Yuan Jie, Chengdu, 2005

Robert Mangurian – Mary-Ann Ray, Studio Works
Urbanistica sperimentale “invisibile”
Experimental Urbanism Under the Radar



Steven Holl Architects
Linked Hybrid, Beijing, 2003-08
Vanke Center, Shenzhen, 2006-09

DnA_Design and Architecture Beijin
Songzhuang Artist Residence, Songzhuang town,Tongzhou District, Beijing, 2007-09

Urban Tu-Lou, Guangdong, 2006-08

Kok-Meng Tan, KUU
Condivisione, miscela, ricchezza/Sharing, Mixing, Richness


New Towns

Gregotti Associati International
Città nuova di Pujiang, Shanghai, 2001–09



Amateur Architecture Studio
Zhongshan Road Renovation, Hangzhou, 2009

Atelier FCJZ
Qianmen District Historical Preservation and Regeneration, Beijing, 2006-12

Xi’an City Wall Reintegration, Xi’an, 2009

Ai Weiwei/Fake Design
Nine Boxes Tai He Complex, Beijing, 2004

Yung Ho Chang
Il design e la teoria della cospirazione
Design: A Conspiracy Theory