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Lotus 142 (2010)

The case of the tiny Japanese living spaces suggests a different interpretation of the Existenzminimum in a cultural context not dominated by functionalism. This is the starting point for the excursion made by this issue of Lotus into the margins of architecture in order to present other experiences that by poetic and artistic means arrive in unexpected ways at the heart of architecture.

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Ken Tadashi Oshima
La morfosi della casa minima/Morphoses of the Minimal Dwelling 

Atelier Bow-Wow
House Tower, Shinagawa, Tokyo, 2005

life+shelter associates
Foo House, Tokyo, 2001 

Sou Fujimoto Architects
House N, Oita, Japan, 2008

Elding Oscarson
Townhouse, Landskrona, Sverige, 2009 

Witherford Watson Mann Architects, Gregori Chiarotti Architects
New Offices and Human Rights Action Centre, ?for Amnesty International UK, London, 2003-05

Acconci Studio and Steven Holl Architects
Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, 1992-93

Atelier Tekuto
Reflection of Mineral, Nakano, Tokyo, 2006 

Jun Igarashi Architects 
House O, Rubeshibe, Kitami-Shi, Hokkaido, Japan, 2008-09 

Tyin Tegnestue
Soe Ker Tie House, Noh Bo, Tak, Thailand, 2009
Safe Haven Library, Ban Tha Song Yang, Thailand, 2009

Sou Fujimoto Architects
House Before House, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, 2008  

Aires Mateus
Museu do Farol de Santa Marta, Cascais, Portugal, 2001-07  

Delogu Lixi Architetti Associati
Piazza a Sinnai, Sinnai, Cagliari, 1995-99

Nina Bassoli, Valentina Di Francesco
This is the Serpentine Gallery 

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA
Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London, 2009

Junya Ishigami + Associates
Biennale Pavilion, Venezia, 2008

70°N arkitektur 
Bike Shed / Meditation Room, Austvågøy, Lofoten Islands, Norge, 2005 

Jensen & Skodvin
Gudbrandsjuvet - Landscape Hotel, Burtigard, Gudbrandsjuvet, Norge 2004-08

Helen & Hard
Pulpit Rock Base Camp, Prekestolen, Norge 2009

Anish Kapoor
Cloud Gate, Chicago, 1999-2006

Acconci Studio
Roof Like a Liquid, Flung Over the Plaza, Memphis, Tennessee, 2001-03 

NIO architecten
Interarea Tunnel, Pijnacker, The Netherlands,  2002-04 

Tommi Grönlund, Petteri Nisunen
Jumping Field, Helsinki, 2000 

Angela Rui
La città alla prova dell'arte/The City Tested by Art

Bruce Nauman
Square Depression, Münster, Deutschland,  1977-2007