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La terra incolta / Uncultivated Land

Lotus 87 (1995)

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Parc André Citroën, Paris

Marc Bédarida
Tradizione francese e paradigma ecologico
French Tradition and Ecological Paradigm

La terra incolta
Uncultivated Land

Peter Walker William, Johnson and Partners
Solana, Paris, München

Peter Walker
Dal parco al giardino
From the Park to the Garden

Dieter Kienast
Mechtenberg, Berlin, Bayern,
Frankfurt, Wettingen, St. Gallen,

Dieter Kienast
Un decalogo
A Set of Rules

Hargreaves Associated
San Francisco, Palo Alto, Lisboa, Louisville, Portland, San José

Rossana Vaccarino
I paesaggi ri-fatti
Re-made Landscapes

Michel Desvigne, Christine Dalnoky
Issoudun, Guyancourt, Millau, Avignon

Michel Desvigne, Christine Dalnoky
Trasformazioni indotte
Induced Tranformations