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People in motion

Lotus 158 (2015)

In following the recent epoch-making displacements of populations, who are being forced to cross borders into other territories under conditions of insecurity and uncertainty, we have looked at figures and landscapes that are likely to influence architectural thinking in the coming years. The new approaches are accompanied by material signs of their culture of origin, leaving marks on the territory and creating surprising settlements that spring up unexpectedly. Overall, the phenomenon of the new migration is prompting an updating of the way we think about the dynamics of settlement.

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Alighiero Boetti
Mappe / Maps

Nina Bassoli
Alighiero Boetti. Mappe e immaginario / Maps and Imagery


Selgascano, Ignacio Peydro and UNmaterial Studio MIT
Konokono Vaccination and Educational Center, Kokuselei, Turkana, Kenya, 2014

Olivier Ottevaere, John Lin, The University of Hong Kong
The Pinch, The Sweep, The Warp, 2012-15, Shuanghe Village, Yunnan Province, China

TYIN tegnestue Architects
Cassia Coop Training Center, Sungai Penuh, Sumatra, Indonesia, 2011

Toshiko Mori Architect
THREAD, New Artist Residency and Cultural Center, Sinthian Village, Senegal, 2015

Shigeru Ban Architects
Nepal Project, Nepal, 2015

Playground for Syrian Refugee Children, Bar Elias, Lebanon, 2015

Building Trust International
Sustainable Housing, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2013-14
Moving School, Mae Sot, Thailand, 2013

a.gor.a architects
Temporary Dormitories for CDC School, Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand, 2012
Kwel Ka Baung Migrant Learning Center, Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand, 2014

ARCò, Mario Cucinella Architects
Centro per l’infanzia Terra dei bambini, Um al Nasser, Gaza, Palestine, 2011


Manuel Herz
I campi per rifugiati del Sahara Occidentale / The Refugee Camps of the Western Sahara
La transizione da campo a città / From Camp to City
Nuove abitazioni / New Housing
Tipologie per il commercio / Typologies for Commerce

Jan Rothuizen, Martijn van Tol, Dirk-Jan Visser, Aart Jan van der Linden
Un racconto visivo / A Visual Account
Refugee Republic, Domiz, Iraq, 2014

Mapping Domiz, Iraq

Mapping Zaatari, Jordan


In rotta per l’Europa / The Route to Europe

Ugo Fabietti
Nel traffico delle culture / In the Traffic of Cultures


Joseph Rykwert
Imparare dalla strada / Learning from the Street

Brasilia / Mykonos
Asphalt / Kolam
England / Lens
Stratum / Depression

Gaia Piccarolo
Tracce a terra / Traces on the Ground