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Archaeological Parks

Lotus 162 (2017)

The five-stage journey through archaeological parks presented in this issue offers a fascinating vision of their peculiarities. In addition to the extraordinary landscapes they encountered, the architects traveling to these sites have come across themes and figures that have profoundly influenced the way they think about architecture. Agrigento offers the surprise of a Mediterranean garden of other times contained within the park itself, Selinunte shows how the fall of the gigantic members of the Doric temples becomes a lesson in the anatomy of architecture, the Park of the Aqueducts is revealed to be a demonstration of the decisive role of representation in turning things into monuments and the watery landscape of Butrint finds a makeshift substance in its archaeological remains, while at the end of a trip to Volubilis, in the far-flung reaches of the Roman empire, the subversive aspect of pagan culture with respect to a monotheistic context is uncovered.

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Valle dei Templi 

Gaia Piccarolo
Giù dalla valle / Down from the Valley
Pittura di paesaggio / Landscape Painting 
Profili sull’orizzonte / Profiles on the Horizon 
Il territorio del parco / The Territory of the Park 
La Valle dei Templi / The Valley of the Temples 
Il giardino della Kolymbethra / The Kolymbetra Garden
Simonetta Agnello Hornby 
La mia Kolymbethra / My Kolymbetra
Giovanni Chiaramonte 
Dentro il giardino / Inside the Garden
Parco degli Acquedotti
La Campagna e gli acquedotti / The Campagna and the Aqueducts
Tra i sette Acquedotti / Among the Seven Aqueducts 
Da infrastrutture a monumenti / From Infrastructures to Monuments 
Da Piranesi a Corot / From Piranesi to Corot
Hudson River School 
Joel Sternfeld, 1989-91
Pierluigi Nicolin
Le vestigia dell’architettura / The Vestiges of Architecture
Rovine a terra / Ruins on the Ground
Il panorama delle vestigia / The Panorama of the Remains
Il sito del parco / The Site of the Park
Le ricostruzioni di Jean Hulot / Jean Hulot’s Reconstructions
L’occhio di Josef Koudelka / Josef Koudelka’s Eye
Atene, Delfi, Suruç, Didima
Cave di Cusa
Nina Bassoli
Nel parco di Butrinto / In the Park of Butrint
Butrint National Park
Edith Roux 
Butrint as Landscape
Maite García Sanchis
In cammino per Volubilis / The Way to Volubilis
Le strade romane in Mauretania / Roman Roads in Mauretania 
La Campagna / The Countryside 
City as Nature
Volubilis romana / Roman Volubilis 
La Natura nei mosaici / Nature in the Mosaics
Edith Wharton, 1919 
Da / From “In Morocco”