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Architecture: What Remains

Lotus 173 (2022)

Reflecting on what remains of architecture, we take leave of the difficult period of the pandemic. Contributions range from the reconsiderations of the authors who took part in the Lockdown Architecture inquiry (Editoriale Lotus, 2020), which are followed by a debate over the role of nature and the function of technology. After recalling the precedents for today’s fears in the form of an “anamnesis,” the discourse is brought to a close by an expressionistic description of the Greco-Roman marbles of Villa Torlonia in Rome and an account of the effects of the volcanic eruption on the Canary Islands. This panorama so steeped in incidents is interspersed with the presentation of projects that seem to indicate a surmounting of the all-encompassing compositional form.

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Pierluigi Nicolin
The Energy Plug
Saint-Denis, France, 2019 -
Città del Sole
Roma, 2007-16
Herzog & de Meuron
Power Station
San Francisco, California, 2019 -
Brooklyn, New York, 2017
Lacaton & Vassal
FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais
Dunkerque, France, 2013-15
Cino Zucchi Architetti
Augmented Architecture
Università Statale di Milano, 2021
Serpentine Pavilion 2021
London, 2021
Italo Rota
Palazzo dei Musei
Reggio Emilia, Italia, 2012-14, 2018-21
Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo
Casa Scuola
Mazzarrone (CT), Italia, 2015-18
1950 Rifugi antiatomici / Fallout Shelters
1967 Superpetroliere / Supertankers
1973 Austerità / Austerity
1989 Caduta del muro di Berlino / Fall of the Berlin Wall
2001 World Trade Center
1981 AIDS, 2002, 2012 Crisi virali / Viral Crises
2008 Crisi finanziaria / Financial Crisis
2020-21 Crisi ambientali / Environmental Crises
2020-22 Crisi Covid-19 / Covid-19 Crisis
Replies: Lockdown Architecture
Jean-Christophe Bailly
Eric Bunge, nArchitects
Cynthia Davidson
Giancarlo Mazzanti
Silvano Petrosino
Mirko Zardini
Emergency Thinking
Giorgio Agamben
Distanziamento sociale / Social Distancing
Maurizio Ferraris
Non arrendersi / Don’t Give In
Giorgio Parisi
Non si tratta di salvare il pianeta ma di salvare noi stessi /
It’s not a question of saving the planet but of saving ourselves
I Marmi Torlonia. Collezionare
Capolavori / The Torlonia Marbles.
Collecting Masterpieces.
Roma, Villa Caffarelli, 2020-21
David Chipperfield
I Marmi Torlonia in scena / Restaging
the Torlonia Marbles
Looking at the Eruption
Isole Canarie / Canary Islands